Recognizing a Fast Learner

We have worked hard to create a rewarding growth atmosphere here at Equilibrium Marketing Solutions, and our leaders are quick to recognize improvement. Today, we would like to put one of our fastest learners in the spotlight.

Jonathan G. hasn’t been a member of the Equilibrium Marketing Solutions team for very long, but that hasn’t stopped him from stepping up and taking on new challenges. Our Owner, Brandon W., explained, “Jonathan is progressing ahead of schedule, and he is already training other members of the team. That’s a remarkable thing, and I know I speak for all our leaders when I say that I’m excited for what Jonathan will do in the future.”

In Jonathan’s words, “I know that input equals output, so the only thing that can stop me from progressing in my career is myself!” Professionals who are willing to stretch beyond their current skill sets are the ones who get promoted on a regular basis. Jonathan is on the right track to reach his most ambitious career goals.

One reason Jonathan has progressed so quickly is the fact that he is adept at solving problems on his own. Problem solvers earn promotions, but those who simply complain about tough situations without offering any solutions tend to stay right where they are.

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