Igniting Passion for Impact Organizations at Equilibrium Marketing Solutions

We ignite passion in communities, raising awareness for social ventures and nonprofits to increase their social impact.

The Equilibrium Marketing Solutions office is filled with unbridled vibrancy and optimism. Why? Because we get to apply our energy to creating conversations for social good and safer, more functional communities. As peer-to-peer promoters for nonprofits and benefit companies, we’re spurring change for the better. Our optimism is infectious.

We power social-change solutions of philanthropic businesses and nonprofits through our on-site marketing campaigns. We are innovative and flexible, with expertise that satisfies numerous outreach needs. By connecting directly with people, we inspire them to act, which in turn ensures our clients can do even more of their meaningful and lasting work in our local communities and around the world.

Working for Healthier Communities at Equilibrium Marketing Solutions

At Equilibrium Marketing Solutions, we desire a planet free from hunger and sickness, where children are safe to play and learn, and where nature and wildlife are free to thrive. We know this vision can become reality. That’s why we’re focused on empowering change agents by spreading the word about their causes.

Equilibrium Marketing Solutions’ Passion-Fueled Mission for Change

There are countless causes and social enterprises in need of stronger, louder voices. It’s our mission at Equilibrium Marketing Solutions to make their messages known. We use our voices in peer-to-peer contexts to take an organization’s online presence into the world, spreading good every step of the way. Whether we’re educating the public about an innovative nonprofit or advising communities on how to create clean, renewable energy sources, we connect likeminded people with brands that excite them. We’re shifting the focus with every conversation.

Values That Guide Us


At Equilibrium Marketing Solutions, we back up our words with tangible actions that help social-minded organizations achieve noticeable, measurable change. Our talents are always used with purpose and impact in mind.


We dream big because we know that together we can make a real difference. One voice may be quiet, but when we combine our forces, we’re very loud. Listen to us as we champion today’s heroes together and know the impact of many individuals raised together. We can’t help but be optimistic about the future.


We get the privilege of standing for those whom we may never meet but who need our help. Thankfully, we don’t fight for the missions of the change-focused organizations in solitude. We’re brought together by a shared desire to work for the greater good. In community, we foster lasting friendships based on support, gratitude, and mutual appreciation.


We’ve shaped a team of experts in diverse areas – from business and science to psychology and communications. The genius and resources within our firm give us the power to produce excellence. Our passion and pride are clearly reflected in our work.