PRESS RELEASE-Equilibrium Marketing Solutions Celebrates Expansion
PRESS RELEASE-Equilibrium Marketing Solutions Celebrates Expansion

PRESS RELEASE-Equilibrium Marketing Solutions Celebrates Expansion

SAN DIEGO, CA – Equilibrium Marketing Solutions has made great leaps in developing its team and leadership, and is celebrating an upcoming expansion to the Tampa region.

“We’re all about building our team at Equilibrium Marketing Solutions,” said Brandon, the President. “I’m excited to report that our efforts in helping our leadership team members grow as professionals has paid off a hundredfold. We’ve focused on things like boosting work ethic and working together to streamline our training program so it meets the needs of our up-and-coming leaders, and it has resulted in an engaged, happy group in our offices.”

In fact, the strategies in play at Equilibrium Marketing Solutions have brought the firm to new success. “We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that our leaders’ successes have translated to our entire group achieving more than we ever dreamed,” enthused Brandon. “We’ve been able to move to a bigger market as a result. Tampa, Florida, we’re here and ready to make big plays!”

Brandon highlighted the efforts and sacrifices made by many of his team members in making the transition as smooth as possible. “I want to give a shout-out to Liz, our administrator, for her incredible commitment to making the move go off without a hitch,” said Brandon. “The amount of work she did was truly admirable, and we can’t thank her enough for all she’s done for our company.”

Equilibrium Marketing Solutions Rewards Commitment With Travel

“One way we reward our team members for going above and beyond is through travel opportunities,” pointed out Brandon. “In October, our team attended an industry R&R event. We were all able to take a moment to relax and reflect on a year that was full of challenges and triumphs.” These industry events also allow associates to build their network in relaxed atmospheres.

“Even when we’re on a retreat, we’re always looking toward building for our next success,” added Brandon. “It only leads to more achievement for Equilibrium Marketing Solutions.”

Brandon took a moment to look back on the firm’s journey over the past 12 months. “We’ve accomplished so much in 2016,” he reflected. “We’re looking forward to finishing the year strong and launching 2017 to new heights in the Tampa area.”

For now, the group is in holiday mode. “Our team members love the holiday spirit,” said Brandon. “It’s a time of coming together and celebration, and everyone is ready for Thanksgiving to arrive so we can step back and express our gratitude for all we’ve given and received this year. 2017 is sure to be amazing!”

About Equilibrium Marketing Solutions

Equilibrium Marketing Solutions builds support for the causes of charitable agencies and social impact businesses. The team provides an on-the-ground presence for these groups through event-based outreach. They use their voices to raise awareness and get people talking. This marketing and consulting services firm is growing quickly, giving greater reach to issues such as child poverty and sustainable foods. Its mission is to foster lasting engagement between brands and their supporters, with the vision of movement toward a brighter future for all. Visit to learn more about how these brand ambassadors are spurring change.
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