PRESS RELEASE: Equilibrium Marketing Solutions’ President Visits Australia
PRESS RELEASE: Equilibrium Marketing Solutions’ President Visits Australia

PRESS RELEASE: Equilibrium Marketing Solutions’ President Visits Australia

TAMPA, FL – Equilibrium Marketing Solutions’ President detailed his recent trip to Australia and the valuable insights he brought back home. He also shared his thoughts on how travel amplifies professional development.

Brandon W., the President of Equilibrium Marketing Solutions recently attended an international business trip that took him to Australia. He stated, “I’ve been to Australia quite a few times now and it never really gets old. The fact that I’m doing what I love while providing an exciting opportunity for others is something for which I have tremendous gratitude. To travel the world at the same time is really an amazing thing.”

The purpose of the trip was to network with other companies specializing in event-based outreach. Brandon remarked, “My goal for the Australia trip was to make Equilibrium Marketing Solutions a stronger organization by learning as much as possible from other top leaders in our industry. I was also able to forge connections with some remarkably talented people, which will help us reach our aggressive expansion goals. I’m looking forward to helpful advice and new opportunities to emerge from the contacts I made.”

Brandon also had plenty of chances to reflect during his trip. He explained, “There’s nothing quite like traveling far from home for gaining a fresh perspective on important things. While I was in Australia I was able to think about what’s been working well around the Equilibrium Marketing Solutions office and where we can make improvements. It was inspiring to be around so many talented people and still feel confident in our company’s innovative campaigns.”

Equilibrium Marketing Solutions’ President Discusses How Travel Complements Training

In-depth training is a hallmark of the Equilibrium Marketing Solutions ethos. Team members receive hands-on education in a wide range of processes from their first days on the job. Brandon stated, “We want our event managers to be fully prepared to thrive. That’s why we supply them with immersive training in more than just the fundamentals of running events. They also learn basic administrative and human resources tasks.”

Travel opportunities amplify the firm’s expansive training approach. The President remarked, “Every time our team members venture to a big conference or take a road trip to another top office, they learn fresh insights that build upon what they’ve learned through training. It’s one thing to absorb new concepts through training around our office, but discussing best practices with top-performing peers puts things in a new light. Our event managers return home ready to apply what they’ve learned and accelerate their own development.”

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