PRESS RELEASE: Equilibrium Marketing Solutions Honors Colleen and Emilio
PRESS RELEASE: Equilibrium Marketing Solutions Honors Colleen and Emilio

PRESS RELEASE: Equilibrium Marketing Solutions Honors Colleen and Emilio

MIAMI, FL – Brandon, Equilibrium Marketing Solutions’ President, honored Emilio and Colleen for their contributions to the team. They have both made big impressions in a short period of time, thanks in part to their passion for charity.

There are many talented and ambitious people in the Equilibrium Marketing Solutions office, and Brandon is excited to keep it that way. This is why he makes sure that recognition plays a big role in the firm’s culture and operations. When team members know that they are appreciated for their efforts and are rewarded for their accomplishments, they bring their A-games to work with them every day. This kind of workplace environment is also very inviting, and attracts top talent in the area to come join Brandon’s team.

Colleen and Emilio are perfect examples of this. Both of these high achievers saw the opportunities for personal and professional growth that exist at Equilibrium Marketing Solutions, and decided to apply. Like everyone does, they started their careers in entry-level roles, but they’ve rapidly moved through the organization and they continue to impress Brandon and the rest of the team.

A Little About Emilio and Colleen, Equilibrium Marketing Solutions’ Rising Stars

Colleen earned a master’s in social work from Boston College before signing on with Equilibrium Marketing Solutions. Her long-term professional goal is to one day run her own office and lead her own team of peer-to-peer fundraisers. She’s very friend- and family-oriented, and she’s well-traveled too: she lived on three different continents while growing up (Asia, North America, and Europe). Also, the beach is her happy place, and she is especially passionate about ocean-related charity work.

Emilio was working at Starbucks before joining Equilibrium Marketing Solutions, where he felt stifled in his ambitions. He wanted an opportunity to make a bigger impact on the world than he could working at a coffee shop, and was attracted to the idea of a career supporting worthy causes. He achieved assistant manager within 10 months of being hired (a remarkable accomplishment!) and is well on his way to operating his own satellite office. While he’s a huge sports fan, it’s his love of animals and charities that focus on them that drives him.

Brandon and the rest of Team Equilibrium Marketing Solutions are proud of and inspired by Emilio and Colleen. These two top producers have already made a big impact for the worthy foundations that the firm supports, and it’s certain that their careers will take them far.

About Equilibrium Marketing Solutions:
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