PRESS RELEASE: Equilibrium Marketing Solutions Expands With Tucson Office
PRESS RELEASE: Equilibrium Marketing Solutions Expands With Tucson Office

PRESS RELEASE: Equilibrium Marketing Solutions Expands With Tucson Office

SAN DIEGO, CA – Equilibrium Marketing Solutions’ team unites at Southern California conference to announce awards and new expansion with an additional office in Tucson, Arizona, headed by owner partner David K.

Equilibrium Marketing Solutions’ Southern California conference is the company’s venue for bringing together and recognizing outstanding team members with awards, share information, network, and make important announcements. At the event, attendees have an opportunity to learn from key industry leaders and network with their top-performing peers. The upcoming event will feature the announced expansion via their new Tucson, Arizona office, to be headed by owner partner David K.

Brandon, President of Equilibrium Marketing Solutions, said, “Our team is very important to us, so we take every opportunity to strengthen the bonds between our people and recognize the outstanding performance of individual members. David is one such person; a natural-born leader who has built and coached two star teams for the company.”

David holds a degree in political science and history from Temple University and has been with Equilibrium Marketing Solutions for three years. He has led in both the Philadelphia and San Diego offices, where he built teams that achieved impressive accomplishments.

“Always believe in yourself,” said David of his approach to success. “Nobody will believe in you more than you. People should want to be you, so strive to inspire those around you in every area.” He added, “Grow every chance you get, because growth is the only thing that can be measured.”

“David exemplifies what we call Core Leadership Values in all aspects of his life,” said Brandon. “With our latest expansion to Tucson, he will again have an opportunity to build a team from the ground up and groom those he leads to set them on the path to ownership as well. His group will represent the Save the Children charitable organization.”

Equilibrium Marketing Solutions’ Team-Building Philosophy

The leaders at Equilibrium Marketing Solutions are devoted to building and supporting the company’s team through fostering an empowering environment that helps team members grow and thrive as professionals. From Friday evening team dinners, where associates can relax and bond after a hard week, to formal events such as the Southern California conference, the company’s people gather frequently as a unit to achieve success.

Equilibrium Marketing Solutions’ social events give the company’s best and brightest a chance to meet each other, network, and learn how to develop their leadership skills even further to keep them growing throughout their future in the management of the company.

The company’s efforts toward building an exceptional team greatly improves its ability to yield amazing results for the causes and charities it represents. Those successes help make the community and world a better place.

About Equilibrium Marketing Solutions

Equilibrium Marketing Solutions builds support for the causes of charitable agencies and social impact businesses. The team provides an on-the-ground presence for these groups through event-based outreach. They use their voices to raise awareness and get people talking. This marketing and consulting services firm is growing quickly, giving greater reach to issues such as child poverty and sustainable foods. Its mission is to foster lasting engagement between brands and their supporters, with the vision of movement toward a brighter future for all. Visit to learn more about how these brand ambassadors are spurring change.

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