PRESS RELEASE: Equilibrium Marketing Solutions Announces Promotions

SAN DIEGO, CA – Managers at Equilibrium Marketing Solutions recently announced that several associates were being promoted to training managers. This is in advance of two new outreach campaigns and travel to the owner’s conference.

“It’s always an honor to recognize key employees with the opportunity to advance,” said Brandon, Equilibrium Marketing Solutions’ President. “These four individuals have demonstrated they are up to the task of growing our firm.”

Brandon announced that the following staff members have been appointed training managers: Jonathan G., Logan V., Sheilyn K., and Loralie D. As Brandon explained, each of these people will now be building their own teams and taking responsibility for training and development.

“These employees are great examples of what we do each day at Equilibrium Marketing Solutions,” stated Brandon. “They are punctual, professional, excel in goal attainment, have positive attitudes, and are always excited to learn and grow.”

According to Brandon, the timing for their promotions is perfect, as the team is now lending their voices to two new outreach campaigns: Operation Smile and Save the Children.

“Operation Smile is fittingly named because they provide surgeries around the world to repair cleft palates or cleft lips,” Brandon explained. “They literally restore smiles to children who suffer from this disfiguring birth defect.”

“Save The Children is the organization that goes into the midst of war-torn regions or those without basic necessities such as clean water,” stated Brandon. “They help ensure that children living in these areas have an opportunity to grow and thrive in healthier, safer conditions.”

“We look forward to starting personal conversations and gaining support for the good work these organizations do.”

Equilibrium Marketing Solutions’ President Shared News on Upcoming Trip and 2017 Goals

Brandon announced that members of the team would be attending the owners meeting in California at the end of February. “These conferences are jam-packed with learning and knowledge sharing,” he stated. “We’re focused on attaining new techniques and networking with other owners and industry leaders.”

One key behavior that the owners refine is goal-setting. Brandon was excited to share how Equilibrium Marketing Solutions is planning to expand into Florida this year. He also noted that there would be more assistant owners by April. Two employees were tapped for consideration: Melissa L. and Jack A.

“We’re branching out, always learning, and always ready for the next adventure,” Brandon enthused. “It’s all part of our vision to make a difference.”

About Equilibrium Marketing Solutions

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