PRESS RELEASE: Equilibrium Marketing Solutions Travels, Eyes Expansion
PRESS RELEASE: Equilibrium Marketing Solutions Travels, Eyes Expansion

PRESS RELEASE: Equilibrium Marketing Solutions Travels, Eyes Expansion

TAMPA, FL – Equilibrium Marketing Solutions’ Director of Operations recently took a standout team member to an industry event. He discussed the trip, the benefits of business travel, and the firm’s expansion goals.

“We use travel events as prime opportunities to sharpen our skills,” stated Brandon W., the Director of Operations for Equilibrium Marketing Solutions. “I recently attended a knowledge event in Toronto, Canada, and I brought Kwaundel along for the ride. We took full advantage of the marketing insights on offer at the gathering. I know Kwaundel’s development will be accelerated as a result.”

During the gathering, Brandon and Kwaundel spoke with industry leaders and attended a variety of mentorship seminars. They even had the chance to attend professional sporting events and dinners with influential people from all corners of the fundraising and promotion industry. “We were able to network for two solid days,” added the Director. “The connections we made will help us identify new opportunities to raise funds for ethical companies and nonprofits, and to advance our own mission as well. Kwaundel will also benefit from having good sources of professional advice.”

The Director embraces adaptability as a prime attribute for success. He also believes business travel is one of the best ways to develop this quality. “There are typically a few unexpected hitches along the way when you get out of town for business,” Brandon remarked. “Changes to travel accommodations and itineraries test a person’s resolve. I think it’s a great way to improve your ability to deal with changing trends in the marketplace as well.”

Equilibrium Marketing Solutions’ Director on the Firm’s Expansion Plans

One of the main reasons for the Toronto trip was to expand Equilibrium Marketing Solutions’ market influence. Brandon also made progress on adding a new cause to the firm’s portfolio. He explained, “We’re always on the lookout for new opportunities to help make a positive impact on the world. It was an inspiring experience to be around people who share the same values and want to effect change in innovative ways.”

Demand is increasing for Equilibrium Marketing Solutions’ unique fundraising and promotional work. Brandon already has a few new markets in sight for expansion. He commented, “I think we’re ready to reach new demographics and make a bigger impact on behalf of innovative nonprofits and socially responsible businesses. There will be a hiring push to accompany our growth over the next few months as well. We’ll be looking for people who are ready to improve their skills and grow along with our firm.”

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