PRESS RELEASE: Equilibrium Marketing Solutions and Professional Development
PRESS RELEASE: Equilibrium Marketing Solutions and Professional Development

PRESS RELEASE: Equilibrium Marketing Solutions and Professional Development

TAMPA, FL – The Equilibrium Marketing Solutions culture allows team members freedom and support to pursue their career goals. The firm’s Director discussed their latest professional achievements.

“My colleagues and I don’t only aim to grow our firm and the missions we promote,” said Brandon W., the Director of Equilibrium Marketing Solutions. “We’re all about developing our people too. We recognize and reward hard work, and offer advancement once our associates demonstrate their readiness to move to the next level.”

Brandon indicated that Victor and Agustina are the most recent team members to earn promotions. They both moved from field representative roles to training manager positions. Being field reps allowed them to develop their talents and abilities, and being managers enables them to transfer their expertise to others. They’ve each gained the know-how to train and work with anyone.

“Victor has life experience that gives him the ability to relate to anyone, which is very beneficial in a management role,” stated Brandon. “Agustina is so organized – not just with herself but with everyone around her as well. She is always looking out for others and able to provide constructive advice to everyone throughout Equilibrium Marketing Solutions.” 

Equilibrium Marketing Solutions Director Highlights Top Leadership Qualities

According to Brandon, Equilibrium Marketing Solutions is the ideal place to grow into an accomplished leader. The comprehensive training, one-on-one coaching, unlimited feedback, and support ensure that all associates have what they need to flourish.

“There are several leadership fundamentals we teach through example,” Brandon continued. “For instance, managers deflect attention from themselves and focus on others. They encourage team members to share opinions, express concerns, voice ideas, and even give their own feedback. By giving their people voices, they create environments in which it feels safe to unleash creativity.”

The company Director also noted that individuals who develop into effective leaders learn how to make sound decisions. Whether they must make choices on the spot or analyze extensive data before doing so, the right decisions are made with confidence and strategy in mind. What’s more, high-level managers take such actions with positive attitudes.

“We put a big emphasis on communication as well,” Brandon concluded. “Leaders are clear about their expectations, ensuring that team members fully understand their duties. Interacting this way minimizes confusion and makes for a smooth-functioning group of professionals. Victor and Agustina display these qualities impressively, proving their readiness for training management. I look forward to witnessing their ongoing success!”

About Equilibrium Marketing Solutions

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