PRESS RELEASE: Equilibrium Marketing Solutions Is Expanding and Growing
PRESS RELEASE: Equilibrium Marketing Solutions Is Expanding and Growing

PRESS RELEASE: Equilibrium Marketing Solutions Is Expanding and Growing

SAN DIEGO, CA – Equilibrium Marketing Solutions team member Mike is managing the marketing in San Diego and team member Melissa is being promoted. The group’s goal of focusing on quality is clearly working.

Lots of new changes are underway for the Equilibrium Marketing Solutions team. While the majority of the group is moving to the Tampa, Florida area and sad to be leaving San Diego, crew leader Mike will be staying behind to manage the San Diego area himself. “Mike has really been pushing himself to achieve his goals and has been really successful during his time with us,” said Equilibrium Marketing Solutions President Brandon. “With the effort he has been putting into this work, he has really shown that he has the ability to manage a team of his own and is ready to take on the challenge. I think he will do a great job at it!”

“The entire team sent Mike their congratulations. Everyone is excited for his upcoming adventure,” Brandon added. The firm already has several campaigns lined up for immediate deployment, so Mike will be busy in the coming months.

Equilibrium Marketing Solutions Associate Melissa Promoted to Crew Leader

Equilibrium Marketing Solutions’ leadership works to foster an environment in which ambitious team members are able to achieve upward mobility. As the company grows and team members master new skills, they are promoted. Recently, Melissa was promoted to crew leader. “She has proven herself time and time again since she started with our company in January,” said Brandon. Melissa is a graduate of Grossmont College.

Melissa has plenty of experience in customer service, including handling returns and exchanges, managing others, and customer concerns. Her new position is much more demanding. She is responsible for setting the standards others follow, running meetings, plus setting and achieving development goals. She hit her personal goals and showed her leadership ability, and will undoubtedly continue to excel at Equilibrium Marketing Solutions.

“Melissa demonstrated her persistence and great problem-solving ability, and is an incredibly honest person,” says Brandon. “She’s set some aggressive goals for her personal performance and career growth.”

As Melissa said, “Challenges are only as hard you think they are. The amount of effort you put in will be the result you receive.” Her entire team is impressed and cheering for her.

Equilibrium Marketing Solutions Works on Building Quality Leaders

“While the main goal of Equilibrium Marketing Solutions is to grow in our industry, we personally feel that we should do so by focusing on quality over quantity,” said Brandon. The leadership is committed to creating a supportive and empowering team where every individual can thrive as a professional. “Focusing on the tools and resources provided to each team member will be the main factor in our success,” said Brandon. “Building high-quality leaders who can use these tools to attain their goals and the company’s goals means growth will be sure to follow.”

About Equilibrium Marketing Solutions

Equilibrium Marketing Solutions builds support for the causes of charitable agencies and social impact businesses. The team provides an on-the-ground presence for these groups through event-based outreach. They use their voices to raise awareness and get people talking. This marketing and consulting services firm is growing quickly, giving greater reach to issues such as child poverty and sustainable foods. Its mission is to foster lasting engagement between brands and their supporters, with the vision of movement toward a brighter future for all. Visit to learn more about how these brand ambassadors are spurring change.

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