Press Release: Equilibrium Marketing Solutions Announces Key Promotions
Press Release: Equilibrium Marketing Solutions Announces Key Promotions

Press Release: Equilibrium Marketing Solutions Announces Key Promotions

SAN DIEGO, CA – The Equilibrium Marketing Solutions management team recently announced the promotions of several team members. According to Brandon, the company President, this is to help support growth and move to Florida.


Equilibrium Marketing Solutions is on the rise and its team is making sure it will have the resources and structure to keep thriving. Brandon proudly announced that Mike, one of the firm’s top crew leaders, has been advanced to an assistant manager role. Mike will assist Brandon with running the office and ensuring the firm’s long-term success.


“Mike is a truly impressive individual,” Brandon said. “He has a relentless attitude, great attention to detail, and a strong work ethic. These are exactly the reasons that he will be assisting with management and talent development. Mike is a true example of what hard work can bring.”


Prior to joining Equilibrium Marketing Solutions, Mike received a bachelor of science in sport and exercise psychology from West Virginia University. While there he also wrestled and played rugby. He endeavors to bring this athletic competitiveness and focus on excellence to his work. Mike’s motto is that people matter, reflecting his care for his team members.


“I am so proud to have received this recognition,” Mike said. “It is a real honor to be able to work with Brandon to learn the ropes of managing an office. Hopefully, I will be able to learn a great deal from him and further expand the company. I hope to be an organizational head by 2019.”


Brandon indicated that this promotion is partially motivated by Equilibrium Marketing Solutions’ planned move to Florida. He believes it will help the firm to tap into lucrative, additional business. “This move is going to be great for our business,” he said. “Florida is a great state with a lot of opportunity for a firm like ours. I grew up on the East Coast and can’t wait to return.”


Equilibrium Marketing Solutions’ President Announced Hiring Push


Additionally, Brandon stated that Equilibrium Marketing Solutions’ leaders will be hiring new people. These associates will help with the increased demand for the company’s services.


“We are looking for driven individuals who are ready to grasp new opportunities,” he said. “We offer thorough training to everyone who joins our team. That’s why attitude and passion are more important than experience. Of course, prior marketing work is always a plus. Anyone looking for an exciting career in sales and marketing should apply through our website.”


About Equilibrium Marketing Solutions

Equilibrium Marketing Solutions builds support for the causes of charitable agencies and social impact businesses. The team provides an on-the-ground presence for these groups through event-based outreach. They use their voices to raise awareness and get people talking. This marketing and consulting services firm is growing quickly, giving greater reach to issues such as child poverty and sustainable foods. Its mission is to foster lasting engagement between brands and their supporters, with the vision of movement toward a brighter future for all. Visit to learn more about how these brand ambassadors are spurring change.


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